How do I install InsTrac on Mac?

1) Click on the link sent to you by eMail.

2) Double click on the .dmg file which downloads from this link.

3) Drag the green 'eo' logo into your 'Applications' folder (depending on your settings, a separate window may open automatically showing this, or you may need to open a Finder window and click on 'InsTrac' in the side bar).

4) Go to your Applications folder and double click on InsTrac.

5) Note: depending on the users settings, some Macs may show a warning saying 'cannot open as not downloaded from the Apple App store' or similar. In this case, press and hold the 'ctrl' key then click on InsTrac, and select Open. This will only be required the first time. It will subsequently open by a double click in the usual way.

6) We advise putting InsTrac in your Dock for ease of use.

7) Before you run InsTrac, plug in the USB camera from the eoSim simulator. If you don't plug the camera in before running InsTrac it can cause problems with the video. Address this by closing InsTrac, plugging in the USB camera and re-opening InsTrac.

8) Any issues, please consult our FAQs on this site.

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