Quick start guide for tablets and smartphones

1) Open the case (caution – it’s spring loaded). Unpack the contents & place the practice model of choice on the base, secured by the Velcro strips. Place in a well lit area, or turn on the LEDs inside the lid.

2) Remove the plastic plug with the eoSurgical logo from the hole above the support bar.

3) Place your Smartphone or Tablet on the support bar, with the camera positioned such that it points through the hole down towards the practice model. Open the camera on your mobile device and the operative field will be displayed on the screen.

4) We recommend starting with the peg board. Thread the string through all the holes in turn, starting at the bottom right and running clockwise. For more details of this and the other models visit

5) Select instruments (ratcheted and non-racheted grasper for the pegboard), insert though the neoprene holes – and away you go.

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