Problem: When I run the software, the webcam built into my laptop is displayed on the screen, not the eoSim camera.


Check that the eoSim camera is plugged into a USB port on your computer (there are two cables to plug in to the USB ports on your laptop: the shorter cable is for the camera, and the longer is for the LED light strip).

Click on "Settings" in the SurgTrac application. Click on "Camera Settings", and then select "Logitech camera".

If you cannot see "Logitech camera" listed, then close and restart the SurgTrac application (with the camera plugged in).

If you are using Windows, you may need to restart your laptop to allow it to discover the camera, and install the required driver.


We recommend that you then calibrate the eoSim camera to ensure that the light is optimised for the instrument tracking.

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