Optimising SurgTrac instrument tracking.

You should have a crystal clear well focused image with small cross-hairs visible on the instrument shafts at all times. If not, follow the steps below:

1)   Optimal tracking requires good and uniform light within the eoSim - too much or too little can make the image too bright or too dark and impair tracking.

2)   If using in artificial light, position the eoSim so that the inside of the box is as well lit as possible and turn on the LED lighting strip by plugging it in to a spare USB socket on your laptop.

3)   Perform the calibration step to ensure that the instruments are being tracked in all areas of the screen. Move both instrument tips together so that both coloured areas are inside each circle at the same time. That circle will then turn green and you can move to the next circle.

4)   The cross hairs should be visible on the instrument coloured bands at all times. If not, adjust the lighting and click ‘refocus’ until they are.

5)   When using a laptop ensure the battery is fully charged or it is plugged in to a power supply.


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