How do I install InsTrac on Windows?

1) Download InsTrac by clicking on the link sent to you.

2) Double click on the .exe file.

3) Follow the on screen instructions. Some anti-virus software may flag InsTrac as being unrecognised. It is safe to continue.

4) When installing on some versions of Windows, you may get a message saying: “Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable (x86)" - with three options: "Repair, Uninstall, Close”. This does not effect the running of InsTrac - click Close.

5) Some machines may then say: “Are you sure you want to cancel” - click "yes".

6) The program should then be installed on your computer and a shortcut to it positioned on your desktop.

7) Before you run InsTrac, plug in the USB camera from the eoSim simulator. If you don't plug the camera in before running InsTrac it can cause problems with the video. Address this by closing InsTrac, plugging in the USB camera and re-opening InsTrac.

8) Note: some Windows 7 users may need to install this driver to allow InsTrac to control the eoSim camera:

Logitech c615 USB camera driver:


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