Quick start guide for eoSim with Mac or PC.

1) Open the case (caution – it’s spring loaded). Unpack the contents & place the practice model of choice on the base, secured by the Velcro strips. Place in a well lit area, or turn on the LEDs inside the lid.

2) Plug the USB cable from the camera into your laptop. A clip is provided in the lid of the case to keep the cable tidy.

3) Load the eoSim software. A link and password will have been sent to you with your eMail receipt, allowing you to download and install this. See the Install section of this help centre.

4) Note: when installing, most Anti-Virus software will flag it up as an unknown program. Click continue to install. You’ll be asked to set a user name and password the first time you open the program.

5) Click on Live Practice. If your computer has a built in webcam, you may need to click on ‘swap camera’ until the camera in the eoSim is displayed (you need to do this while the timer in the top corner is red and still counting down).

6) Position the webcam so that it points at the practice model. Click the ‘four arrow’ button to toggle to full-screen display, and ‘Refocus’ if needed.

7) We recommend starting with the peg board. Thread the string through all the holes in turn, starting at the bottom right and running clockwise. For more details of this and the other models see

8) Select instruments (ratcheted and non-racheted grasper for the pegboard), insert though the neoprene holes – and away you go.

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