Problem: There is a lag or jerky movement when I use SurgTrac.

There should be no detectable lag in the image transmission from camera to screen. It should look exactly as it does on the demonstration videos. Because the SurgTrac software processes a significant amount of visual data, it requires a significant amount of processing power. If you are experiencing any lag, try the following:

1)  Close all other applications on your computer.

2)  If using a laptop, ensure it is plugged-in (this speeds the processor up as it turns off the energy saving mode some laptops default to when running on battery).

3)  Open the system manager on your computer to ensure that no other programs are currently using processor space (anti-virus software on Windows machines can sometimes cause a system to slow down for example).

4)  Ensure that you are running Windows 7 or 8, or Mac OS 10.10 or newer (we recommend that you update to the most recent version of your OS available).

5) SurgTrac does a significant amount of processing - thresholding each frame twice, plotting the central point of each coloured band and mapping this against the previous frame's position - 25 times per second. Core i5 or newer processors are recommended for optimal performance.


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