Getting started with InsTrac.

First, watch the InsTrac setup video here.

Applying the coloured bands to the instrument tips: Red is for the right hand instrument and Blue for the left. We advise using the non-ratcheted grasper, scissors and knot pusher in your dominant hand, and the ratcheted grasper in your non-dominant hand. Wrap the coloured stickers around the distal instrument shafts, taking care not to cover any moving parts.

You should have a crystal clear well-focused image at all times. If pressing the refocus button (press and wait for 5 seconds while it refocuses) doesn’t bring the image into focus, remove the practice model (eg peg board) from the eoSim, click refocus (so it focuses on the floor of the simulator) – then reintroduce the practice model and click refocus. For more tips see the FAQs on this page.

Getting the correct amount of light is important. In most light conditions it may be necessary to use the built-in LEDs, but in very bright natural light these may not be needed. Clicking the refocus button also adjusts the exposure. A few refocuses may be needed to find the correct exposure level.

Tracking: you should see small cross hairs on the instrument coloured bands at all times. If not, check that the light is optimized, and if using with only artificial light, try the ‘night mode’.

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